Polo View Market

Poloview Market is a lively tapestry of sights and sounds that invites visitors from far and wide, located amid the charm of Srinagar. A wide range of products that showcase the rich heritage of the Kashmir region can be found in this bustling market, which is a veritable gold mine of craftsmanship and culture. Its maze-like lanes will envelop you in a kaleidoscope of hues and textures as you walk through them. The stalls are decorated with traditional Kashmiri handicrafts, ranging from exquisite papier-mâché artefacts to intricately woven Pashmina shawls. Every piece is a tribute to the talented craftspeople who have refined their trade over many generations, maintaining traditional methods that have been handed down since the beginning of time.The tempting aromas of spices and flavours filling the air will delight foodies. In addition to sizzling kebabs and freshly baked bread, vendors provide a variety of culinary options. Moreover, old-fashioned tea stalls offer steaming cups of Kahwa, a traditional Kashmiri tea flavoured with spices and saffron, for those in need of a caffeine boost. Poloview Market, with its lively streets and hospitable shopkeepers, captures the spirit of Kashmir.

  • Best Time to Visit: Round the year
  • Ideal Duration: 1-5 hours
  • Distance From Airport: The nearest airport is in Srinagar which is 10 kms away.
  • Distance From Railway Station: The nearest railway station is in Srinagar which is 11 kms away.
  • Distance From Road: It is 3.2 kms away from the main town of Srinagar.
  • Travel Tips: Shopping and exploring food
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