Shankaracharya Temple

Perched on a hilltop overlooking Srinagar and built during the reign of King Gopadatya in 371 B.C. , the Shankaracharya Temple, is a timeless symbol of spirituality and history. Also known as Jyeshteshwara Temple, it is situated at the height of 1100 ft. above the surface level of the main city. Both history enthusiasts and devotees have a special place in their hearts for this ancient Hindu temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple, which dates to the ninth century, is evidence of many years of devotion and travel. The weathered stone architecture of this place evokes memories of past dynasties and eras that once ruled these parts. Climb the 243 stone steps and immerse in the rich history of the place. These steps have been worn smooth by the footsteps of countless pilgrims. Admire expansive 360* views of the glittering Dal Lake below, encircled by the towering Himalayan peaks in the distance, from the temple's vantage point. According to legend, the great philosopher Adi Shankaracharya himself once meditated in these hallowed environs, lending the temple an air of wisdom and sanctity. The temple, which was primarily constructed of stone, combines Buddhist and Hindu architectural elements, illustrating the variety of cultural influences that have shaped the area over time. The Shankaracharya Temple promises a trip through time and tradition, whether you come looking for spiritual solace or just to take in its architectural beauty.

  • Best Time to Visit: March to November
  • Ideal Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Distance From Airport: The nearest airport is in Srinagar which is 19 kms away.
  • Distance From Railway Station: The nearest railway station is in Srinagar which is 22 kms away.
  • Distance From Road: It is 11 kms away from the main town of Srinagar.
  • Travel Tips: Photography, spiritual peace and exploration and enjoying scenic views
  • Safety Measures: People with cardiac, knees and asthmatic issues are advised to take opinion of a doctor before goin up the stairs.
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