Bawe Wali Mata Temple

Located in the beautiful hills of Jammu, Bawe Wali Mata Mandir is a deity revered by Dogras of Jammu a lot. Both history and devotees have a great deal of affection for this old temple. This most well-known and revered Mahakali temple in Jammu city is located on the left bank of the Tawi River. This 8th-century temple, which is home to a stunning black stone idol of the goddess Mahakali, is situated in the Bahu Fort, which has a view of the Tawi River and is accessible from many locations throughout the city as well as from the main Tawi bridges. Every day, thousands of people, including pilgrims honouring Mata Vaishno Devi and locals, visit the temple. Local folklore states that approximately 300 years ago, the goddess Maha Kali visited Pandit Jagat Ram Sharma in a dream and revealed her appearance as a Pindi, or stone, buried atop a hill. A stone was discovered soon after, and a temple was erected on the hill. The kings of the Solar dynasty are credited with obtaining the black stone, which represents the goddess, from Ayodhya. People of Jammu have a deep faith that Maa Bawe Wali always protects them from any kind of mishappenings. Local folklore also goes like that whenever the army of Pakistan tried to have an aerial attack on Jammu in the past, everything seemed blurry to them and all they could see was a small girl in red suit, running here and there. And according to people, that girl was Maa Bawe Wali who was there to guide and protect them. But the charm of this sacred place extends beyond its religious rituals. Nearby, you'll find quaint shops selling traditional handicrafts and local delicacies, offering visitors a glimpse into the vibrant culture of Jammu.

  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year (In Summers the place can be explored in the morning or evening).
  • Ideal Duration: 1 to 2 hours
  • Distance From Airport: The nearest airport is in Jammu which is 5.6 kms away.
  • Distance From Railway Station: The nearest railway station is in Jammu which is 4 kms away.
  • Distance From Road: It is situated 4 kms away from the main town of Jammu.
  • Travel Tips: Explore the temple complex, hike to the hilltop, photography and picnic and relaxation.
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Vaishno Devi & Patnitop
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